Capiz Walling Laminated Shell Tiles Office Wall Decoration
Capiz Wall Decor Surfacing Ideas

Jumbo Pacific, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Shell Panels and Shell Tiles, Interior Wall Covering, Wall Decoration Ideas. Mother of Pearl Capiz Panels that is purely made design for customer satisfaction. We can produced AAA quality and High Precision cutting Capiz walling panels. We also have a collection of Capiz Mother of Pearl shell tiles walling decor in different color, design, shape and sizes.

Capiz Walling that is suitable for Interior Wall Covering, Wall Decoration Ideas, home, office, hotels, restaurants and condiminium. Capiz wall made-up of laminated shell MOP panels in different design and sizes. Capiz Shell decoration to give charm in you offices and hotels. Wall Decor Ideas such as Shell Tile panel, natural wall, brick capiz tiles for covering and surfacing wall window sliding.

Our product shell walling laminated Brownlip and Paua which came from natural sea shell. Shell Panel Collection of Mother of Pearl Capiz walling decoration, Interior Wall Covering perfectly inlaid to suit your home, hotels, condominum and restaurant needs and make this beautiful to look at with.

Laminated Shell Tiles Capiz for your wall decor ideas very suitable to wall decoration, interior wall covering in home, hotels, office, Condominum, Restaurant and etc. Capiz Walling is uniquely made for elegant walling purposes. We make various style like MotherofPearl Capiz Panels, Natural Color Capiz Panels and also any design, color, shape, sizes and any shell. Planning for you wall decor Capiz walling, Shell Tiles Covering, Brick Laminated Shell Surfacing can make charm in your wall. Condominiums and Hotels or even Office Window Capiz Shell is best for you. Colored Capiz Shell Panels and Laminated Capiz shell MOP is also available in different Shell Tiles from natural Sea shell.

Don't make yourself walled in by the choices you make today. Capiz Office Wall Decoration, Interior Wall Covering is easy to intall and Wall Decor to solve all of our interior design needs. Capiz Mother of Pearl Office Wall decoration ideas offers a synergy of eye-catching aesthetics with unmatched performance for Office, Hotels etc.. Our Home Office Wall Decor are sure to give your home and Office an inviting and unique feel. Capiz Wall Decor that will make your guests say where did you get that Wall Decor. What ever type of Wall Decor, Interior Wall Covering, Office Wall Style you are looking for whether it be elegant Capiz Mother of Pearl Walling Decoration has the right Wall Decor and Office wall Decor for you.

Special Capiz Shell Collection best blend for Capiz Walling and create wall decor ideas Natural Sea Shell Tiles in any color